Debugging and Profiling Apps


(Needs Attention)

In addition, the following concepts need to be included:

  • Profiling GPU Rendering - quick visual representation of how much time it takes to render the frames of a UI window relative to the 16-ms-per-frame benchmark.
  • Visualizing Overdraw - Shows on the device where an app might be doing more rendering work than necessary. Helping you see where you might be able to reduce rendering overhead.
  • Heap Viewer - Identifying memory leaks
  • LeakCanary for finding memory leaks easily
  • Allocation Tracker - Finding the places in your code that may contribute to memory trashing.
  • Batterystats - Shows where and how processes are drawing current from the battery.
  • Batteryhistorian - Visualize system and application level events on a timeline. Guide to getting started

Optimizing Performance

Check out the following links regarding optimizing performance:

Memory Management


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