Free Android Curriculum


This page aggregates free Android curriculums and resources available on the web.

Ana Redmond's University of Washington Course

This course was developed by Ana Redmond, CEO of Infinut which provides educational apps for kids. She created a course which was run at University of Washington focused on teaching beginning Android development.

The course was broken up into eight lectures. Each lecture provides step-by-step instructions as labs for the concepts covered. All the content for each session provided below:

Ana Redmond's content can be accessed in full here.

Carolyn Dolnick's Plan

Carolyn Dolnick from Lookout embarked on learning Android coming from a data background. The resources she used are listed below:

  1. Learn Java Well with Stanford CS 106A
  2. Learn about Git Version Control via Udacity Course
  3. Learn about Data Structures via Udemy Course
  4. Start with this Udacity Course by Google and reference our getting started resources.
  5. Request free observer access to our CodePath Android Bootcamp by explaining what you've accomplished and supplying your GitHub handle. Build weekly apps assigned in the course.


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