Implementing a Horizontal ListView Guide


One common challenge on Android that often arises is the need to create a horizontal ListView that works like a regular ListView but scrolls horizontally instead. This is common for news, images, etc.

Horizontal ListView

Unfortunately, there is no "canonical" officially supported solution for this. Instead all we have is a series of half-baked unfinished libraries. This can make developing Horizontal ListView more challenging than you would initially suspect.

This guide is a step-by-step walkthrough of implementing a Horizontal ListView using the available third-party libraries.

Introducing TwoWayView

Of all the third-party libraries currently out there for Horizontal ListView, the most complete and useable is called TwoWayView. Even though there is a warning about this not being production ready, this is still probably the best view short of implementing one yourself.

Installing TwoWayView

Download TwoWayView as a ZIP and then install it as a library project. Note: If you have any trouble importing the version downloaded, try this modified version compatible with Eclipse.

Adding TwoWayView to Layout

First, let's add a style indicating the orientation of the ListView (horizontal or vertical) in res/values/styles.xml:

<style name="TwoWayView">
    <item name="android:orientation">horizontal</item>

In your Layout XML, use the following code to add the TwoWayView:

     tools:context=".MainActivity" />

Populating Data into TwoWayView

Now we can populate data into the TwoWayView much like any ListView as described in the Adapter guide. For example, we might create a very simple array of items:

ArrayList<String> items = new ArrayList<String>();
items.add("Item 1");
items.add("Item 2");
items.add("Item 3");
items.add("Item 4");
// ...

and then construct a super simple ArrayAdapter and populate the TwoWayView with:

Take into account that the layout_width param is defined as match_parent in simple_list_item_1, so if you use it, the list will show just the first element. So, please create a new layout like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TextView xmlns:android=""
    android:gravity="center_vertical" />
Name it as simple_list_item_1 and use the following code to test it:
ArrayAdapter<String> aItems = new ArrayAdapter<String>(this, R.layout.simple_list_item_1, items);
TwoWayView lvTest = (TwoWayView) findViewById(;
The view will now present the items horizontally like:

View Screen


Here we have implemented a simple Horizontal ListView using a popular third-party library. Obviously this example is very simple but you can follow the steps in the the Adapter guide to create arbitrarily complex list items.


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