Popular External Tools


There are many production tools that are used to simplify the development of Android apps by providing easy analytics, metrics and crash reporting. Here are a few of the best providers for each category.


These are the best mobile analytics reporting tools:

Crash Reporting

These are the best crash reporting tools:

Feedback and Bug Reporting

  • Instabug - In-App Feedback and Bug Reporting

OTA Builds

These are the best tools for distributing beta builds for your apps:

  • BuddyBuild - Continuous integration, feedback reporting, and beta build distribution
  • TestFairy - Complete Testflight Replacement
  • - Simple and secure OTA app distribution
  • DeployGate - Painless OTA distribution for apps
  • HockeyApp - Simple OTA app distributions

Push Messaging

These are the best services for easy push messaging:

A/B Testing

These are the best A/B testing services:

Device Testing

These are the best resources for testing your app across multiple real and emulated devices.

  • TestObject - New site for scheduled or manual black box testing of Android apps or mobile web sites. Allows testing on real devices.
  • SauceLabs - Test native mobile apps on a variety of iOS & Android emulator configurations.
  • Google Cloud Test Lab - Cloud Test Lab allows you to run all of your tests across all physical devices, all at the same time.


  • Monkop - Get detailed analysis about performance, security and functionality of your Android apps.
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