New Project

Starting a New Project in Xcode

1. Create the Project

  1. Launch Xcode and choose "Create a new Xcode project" or from within Xcode, Click on File -> New -> Project

  1. Create a "Single View" project, and click Next.

  1. You'll be presented with a number of options.
    • Product Name - The product name is just the name of your app, e.g., "MyProject"
    • Organization Name - This is the name of your company, e.g. "Acme"
    • Company Identifier - With the above values, this becomes com.acme. By convention, iOS uses reverse domain name notation for identifiers.
    • Devices - This determines if your app is for the iPhone, iPad, or Universal (both). Use Universal.
    • Language - Use Swift.
    • Use Core Data - It will add the boilerplate Core Data setup code for you. Leave it unchecked.

  1. When you click Next, you'll be prompted for a location to save it. Enable "Create a Git respository."

2. Add .gitignore

The .gitignore file will tell git which files to ignore. Here are a few useful .gitignore templates to start with, depending on if you're using Objective-C or Swift.

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