Using UIWebView

Loading a URL into your app is as easy! Just add and configure a UIWebView.

WebView Demo|250

Step 1: Add UIWebView to Storyboard

Drag and drop a UIWebView from the Object Library to the main view of your ViewController. Drag the edges of the view to adjust it's size.

Step 2: Create a custom ViewController file

Choose: File -> New -> File...-> iOS -> Cocoa Touch Class

Step 3: Create an Outlet for the UIWebView

Create an outlet for the WebView by ctrl + dragging from the WebView in the Storyboard to your custom ViewController swift file.

Step 4: Create Constant for URL

Above the viewDidLoad method, create a constant to hold your URL string. We will link to the DropBox mobile terms url.

let url = ""

Step 5: Convert String and Load Request

Within the viewDidLoad method...

// Convert the url String to a NSURL object.
let requestURL = URL(string:url)
// Place the URL in a URL Request.
let request = URLRequest(URL: requestURL!)
// Load Request into WebView.

Step 6: Add Networking Permissions

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