Deployment with GitHub Pages

When you want to put your website on the internet for the world to see, you'll need to deploy it. There are many services to do this, and there is a whole career (devOps) dedicated to deployment and maintenance of websites and apps. To keep it simple though, we're going to use GitHub's gh-pages feature that allows you to turn any repository into a deployed website.


Step 1: Create a Github Repository for your site.

Go to Github and click on the '+' button on the top right of the screen. Select 'New Repository', and follow the next instructions by giving it a name.

Copy the commands to add the remote origin

Step 2: Initialize git inside your project directory and connect to Github

In your command line, navigate to the folder with your project files. Type git init to initialize git on that repository.

Paste in the git remote add origin .... line to connect to GitHub

Step 3: Commit your changes

git add . git commit -m "Preparing website for deploy."

Step 4: Create and Switch to a new branch called gh-pages

git checkout -b gh-pages

Step 5: Push up your changes to GitHub

git push origin gh-pages

Step 6: Enjoy your website!

Note: Make sure you have an index.html file or you won't see anything show up on your page.

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